Mansoura College International Schools announce their need to occupy the following vacancies for the academic year 2021 – 2022. 

( Languages & International Schools )

  1. Teachers of English (males &females) for all stages (From KG to Secondary).
  2. Female KG teachers (English Department graduates are required).

  3. Teachers of Arabic (males & females) for all stages.

  4. Teachers of Social studies (males& females) in the fields of (Geography – History).

  5. Language Science teachers (males& females) in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and General Science.

  6. Language Math teachers (males & females).

  7. Teachers of French (males & females).

  8.  Teachers of German (males & females).

  9. Teachers of (Art – Computer – Industrial field – Agricultural field -Home Economy – Physical Education – Media & Press).

  10. A professional expert in Photography and Montage.

  11.  Social Workers (Sociology- psychology)

  12. Business

  13. Media specialist.
  14. Photographer
  15. Secretary
  16. Public relations specialist


The applicants’ qualifications: 

  •  To be a postgraduate (high degrees are preferable).
  • To pass the interview and the specialized and pedagogical skills tests.

  • Has high computer skills.

  •  A minimum amount of knowledge in English in the subjects that are taught in Arabic is required.

  • Experience in teaching and pedagogical qualifications are preferable.

  • Applicants who received training courses in their fields of specialization and in the pedagogical field are preferable.

  •  Previous experience in international schools is preferable.


The Privileges: 

  •  Remunerative salaries and financial rewards that suit the years of experience. 
  • Means of transportations are available for all destinations.

  • Great opportunities for promotion.  



  •  The chosen applicants will be trained before hiring and during work. 


 For registration, please, log in to the following link or directly apply to fill in the job application at the school headquarters.

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