Mansoura College is dedicated to providing all students with an equal opportunity to pursue their education and nurture all aspects of academic integrity , civility , self-respect and self-realization. We foster the journey towards self-exploration to promote the sense of pride in one’s identity and heritage , thus instilling a deep sense of belonging to our country as well as adequate awareness of the culture of the other.

We aspire to be pioneers in distinguished quality education and develop innovative students who are capable of meeting the requirements of the age under the umbrella of effective community service.

Our school is a modern institution equipped with  the most up-to-date means of education and high standard teaching methodology. We are proud to say that our students are provided with the best care and support in an atmosphere of warmth and love. Children achieve in an environment that provides a supportive atmosphere. Our educational system is the prime system responsible for the creation of this concept, the preparation of this competitive atmosphere.

we would also like to point out that we have succeeded to create a special relationship between the students & their school . We’re determined to continue the process of education with the spirit of love, fraternity & competence.

We encourage our students to accept every challenge with strength and conviction, with patience and balance; be truthful, gentle and always forgiving; take adventure with their eyes open wide , be mindful of the riches that money can’t buy .

We can teach them how they deal with their mistakes is more important than the fact that a mistake that was made. We give our child an incredible statement of optimism.

This will build your child’s personality and perfectly add to his character in all aspects; mentally ,morally and psychologically.


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Mansoura College is located in the middle of the delta area of Egypt on the Mansoura highway. Mansoura College is one of the few international schools in Egypt that fully adheres to all international standards of education. Students will follow either the American system or the National system in high school]. Mansoura College offers an education founded....

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  • Mansoura College is Located in the Educational Campus, Mansoura Damietta High Way.
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