Understanding sentence structure and the different parts of a sentence will greatly improve your writing. Therefore, you can sharpen your skills and write with clarity and style. Grade 2 gorgeous students conducted skillful workshop about writing entitled (SCRIBERS). Conducted by: Grade 2 teachers English Language Department Lower Primary Stage

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Mansoura College is located in the middle of the delta area of Egypt on the Mansoura highway. Mansoura College is one of the few international schools in Egypt that fully adheres to all international standards of education. Students will follow either the American system or the National system in high school]. Mansoura College offers an education founded....

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  • Mansoura College is Located in the Educational Campus, Mansoura Damietta High Way.
  • Phone : 0020502588888
  • Fax : 0020502588899
  • Email : info@mc.edu.eg
  • Website : https://mc2.mc.edu.eg/